Wholesale Program

Elemental Essences are a collection of eighteen archetypal flower essence remedies to nourish the heart and soul, inspired by the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.  Wholesale accounts are ideal for:  

* Apothecaries

* Acupuncturists

* Massage Therapists

* Yoga and Body Workers

* Health & Spirituality Stores

* Wellness Studio Owners

* Therapists & Counselors

* Life Coaches

* Medical Professionals 

The Elementals Essences are organized into three collections.  Each collection consists of one Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal Elemental essence:

Manifest Collection: Essences to support self-actualization and personal success


Relate Collection: Essences to support healthy romantic, social, family and professional relationships


Empower Collection: Essences to support healing of self, community and the world

Element Collections:  Essences arranged by the themes of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal

To create an account, complete the form below.  We will contact you to complete your account set up and your opening order.