Where's Oceans & Rivers?


My dear friends,


The past two years have been... A LOT, right?? The numbers of people needing counseling services to deal with the stressors of the pandemic, social injustice, and world turmoil are staggering. Anxiety, depression, loss of purpose, hopelessness, fear, and isolation have reached new heights.

But there is also something beautiful in the works: folks are taking a moment to pause, reflect deeply on who and what matters most, and finding the courage to live fully into their dreams.  I've been both a witness and a participant on this wild ride! From a place of deep introspection, as I've asked myself, "What's next?"

A good friend once told me that my purpose lies at the intersection of what I most love doing, and what the world most needs. I've been dreaming of The Spirit SEED for quite some time, but it never seemed like the right moment. Then suddenly, the stars shifted, the world turned, and here we are!

The Spirit SEED is a new school where magic meets medicine. It is a virtual and retreat space

born out of the past 15 years of living, growing and most importantly, teaching through Oceans & Rivers Acupuncture and Wellness. I have absolutely loved every moment of witnessing this ancient, nature-based medicine play a role in our modern, tech-driven lives. I have loved sharing with others how to work with flower essences to heal their "money, honey and health!" I have loved training practitioners to honor the magic of spirit, and the wisdom of nature.

At this critical time in the world, we are invited to expand our awareness. We are remembering that the gift of nature healing was once available to all, and passed down for generations like old recipes and folk tales. We are remembering how to listen to nature and how to honor our intuition. We are paying attention to our deepest desires. We are facing our fears.  We are leaning on one another. We are ALL agents of change.  

Don't worry- I won't stop making medicine. Elementals Essences will still be available through this website (www.ElementalsEssences.com).  However, I'm so excited that the Spirit SEED is a place where we can all learn how to practice this sacred medicine, and share it with our communities.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,  and the best is yet to come!

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