What others are saying...

"Lindsay is a godsend!!! She keeps me grounded and glowing with health each month. I look forward to our monthly sessions. I don't know what I did before I started doing acupuncture and flower essence sessions with Lindsay. She is an ace at her craft. She is my secret stress busting magic wand!"



"I started seeing Lindsay as a last ditch effort to regulate my irregular period. I don't know if I truly believed in the power of acupuncture when I began, but Lindsay's warmth and tender loving care put me at ease instantly. She was able to get my period to come every month, which hadn't happened since I was on birth control pills. Using acupuncture my period came, she was able to ease my menstrual pain and stop excessive bleeding. Lindsay has become my go to health practitioner for all things, even beyond regulating my period. I am now a life long believer in acupuncture!"

-KB, Brooklyn


"Lindsay is a talented healing practitioner who radiates warmth and positive energy.  She’s inviting, compassionate, easy to talk to, professional, and very knowledgeable. I appreciate that she takes the time to listen to my issues and works with me to come up with plans that I'm comfortable with.  For over a decade I have suffered from a variety of physical ailments and have been searching for real solutions.  Traditional medical approaches left me feeling frustrated and helpless.  Through acupuncture, flower essence therapy, and Chinese herbs, Lindsay has helped me to dramatically improve my quality of life and to address root causes of my physical discomfort and pain.  For the first time, I see light at the end of the tunnel.  I still have a ways to go, but I'm grateful to have Lindsay by my side during this journey."

-SR, Brooklyn


“I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Lindsay Fauntleroy in conjunction with the Professional Training and Certification program of the Flower Essence Society.  I immediately noted her very perceptive and compassionate healing qualities.  These capacities truly evidenced themselves in the clinical case work submitted  for her certification.  I was very pleased to personally review Ms. Fauntleroy’s research and give her the highest recommendation for certification.  I wish her well in her healing work – I am sure she will make important contributions that will benefit her clients, as well as our larger community of therapists.” 

-Patricia Kaminski, Executive Director
The Flower Essence Society

"Lindsay is an inspired and intuitive healer. Her joyous energy and generosity of spirit come through in everything she does. What I appreciate most about the healing spaces she creates is all the planning, thought and care that goes into them but the grace with which she leads. She brings her skills as an educator and as a holistic practitioner together to build an environment where knowledge and growth are not just handed to you as information but are created together as embodied and shared experiences. I highly recommend her offerings and services."

-Sebene Selassie, Executive Director
New York Insight Meditation Center

"I had an awesome experience with Oceans & Rivers.  I spent a month taking the mix of floral essences that Lindsay prepared for me. I felt them immediately, although I've been told that's not true for everyone.  I actually didn't expect to feel anything for weeks, possibly. But there had been a lot of things that I had been "thinking" to act on for MONTHS that started happening in days upon regularly taking Lindsay's flower essences.
I also like Lindsay's educational approach. She EXPLAINS everything clearly. No "well, do what I say because I said so and you'll be okay." She has a presentation that she shows on her iPad and she has other visual aids to explain flower essences and how they're likely to work in your body consciousness. I really appreciated that."

- SR, New York City

"Lindsay has assisted in healing my mind, body, and soul all at the same time.  I came to her with what I thought were issues that needed to be addressed and through connecting physical ailments with mental feelings, counseling, and flower essences, discovered the true root.  I now have a better understanding of my body and see myself in a more positive light."
- SD, Virginia