Feeling sad, discouraged, stressed out, overwhelmed, or anxious?

Needing some extra support?

We got you!


We are here to support you with a wide range of wellness tools- such as meditation, breath work, and life coaching-  to help you navigate challenging times.  Each session also includes a flower essence remedy-  a vibrational herbal supplement to support your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.'

Clinic appointments are available Monday- Friday, and must be booked in advance.


If you are in crisis or in the midst of emotional, spiritual or physical medical emergency, please contact 911,  visit your nearest urgent care center.


The Soul Medicine Clinic services:

  • Communities that are underrepresented in the alternative wellness industry, such as people of color and those who are facing economic strain (see our Sliding Scale Guidelines for more info)

  • Undercompensated folks whose service, love and labor keep the planet running (such as essential workers, undocumented immigrants, Black women, and Single mothers)

  • Populations with statistically higher rates of untreated stress, anxiety, and depression (such as Black men and QTBIPOC)


  • Activists, community organizers and social change agents on the frontlines of creating a safe, just, kind and sustainable planet


  • POC energy workers using indigenous practices to uplift the vibration of the world (i.e Black and Brown Acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, Yoga teachers, etc) 

Lindsay Fauntleroy, L.Ac

Fridays, 1pm-3pm

Lindsay is the founder and clinical director of Oceans & Rivers.  She is a licensed acupuncturist, flower essence therapist, and registered yoga teacher. Lindsay is also the first flower essence therapist in the United States to be authorized by the Flower Essence Society to certify others in the art of flower essence therapy.  Lindsay's approach integrates Eastern Medicine, Western Psychology, and Ancestral Magic.  WORK WITH LINDSAY

Renee K. Smith

Mondays, 12pm-2pm and Wednesdays, 9am-11am

Renee is a strategist who believes that everyone can manifest their dreams by creating a strategy that encompasses the right people at the right time.  She is the proud owner of Akika Flower Essences, which features flower essences as well as flower infused products, cultivated to assist with healing and transformation on one’s soul journey. Renee is a Brooklyn native, mother, artist,  healer, alchemist, strategist, cultural arts curator, flower essence practitioner, SRJ advocate and community member.  In addition to serving people of African descent, Renee also specializes in working with children and youth beginning at age 4.


Sunder Ashni

Tuesdays, 12pm-3pm

Ashni, daughter of Cynthia and Allan, is a Flower Essence therapist, healing arts facilitator, educator and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with rich roots in the island of St.Vincent & The Grenadines.

Movement, music, healing and their expansion through meditation and love are essential keys to Ashni’s being. From early experiences with death, escapades in library stacks to discovering yoga and teachings with Buddhist monks in High school, Spirit has always peaked her curiosity and tickled her heart. From an early age, Ashni has been devoted to learning from and listening to Spirit. WORK WITH ASHNI

Aki Hirata Baker

Thursdays, 10am-12:30pm

Aki Hirata Baker is an Empress with a spirit of the Magician and the heart of the High Priestess.  

Just as her natal chart suggests, she is a Phoenix who constantly re-invent herself of who she is, who she thinks she is, and who she aspires to be.  Her love for mysticism and forces unseen was evident in her second grade essay, in which she proclaimed she wanted to be a Witch when she grew up.  In this current life time, she is an anti-racist, Flower Essence Therapist, energetic healing practitioner, Reiki Godmother,  community activist, food lover, healing & spiritual guide, domestic violence survivor, mother to Saya, Shintaro & San, and wife to Ronald.  Originally from Japan, she now calls Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn her home for the past 19 years, where her misfit spirit resides comfortably with other beautifully messy spirits.  She was born and raised in Japan, and spend several years in Americas and Atlanta, Georgia en route to Brooklyn. She blames her Southern living for her strange accent.


All Soul Medicine Community practitioners are graduates of the Oceans & Rivers flower essence practitioner certification training.  They are dual certified by Oceans & Rivers and the Flower Essence Society.