Dearest friends,


Covid 19 has had a devastating emotional and economic impact on our communities that will last for a very long time. It has shined a bright spotlight on many longstanding inequities, and has invited many of us to witness the privileges and comforts we have taken for granted. Some are able to easily transition into working from home, while others are facing complete loss of income. Service based small businesses, including Oceans & Rivers, face the challenge of staying afloat during state mandated closings. 


Our collective circumstance also shines light on an irony that has always been true in the wellness industry: what do we do when the folks that most need tools for emotional and spiritual wellness have the least ability to pay for it? 


I don’t have the answers, but I know this challenge requires innovation and trust. This is the spirit through which I am offering Sliding Scale, Full, and Partial Scholarship offerings for my services and workshops. 



The guidelines listed below are simply that- guidelines.  They are meant to help you see where you land, though I know that there are many "shades of grey" and many unique circumstances.  No one category may entirely describe your situation.  Please know that you are not ‘locked in’ to a particular tier. You decide, and that decision can change based on the specific offering, fluctuating finances, and your feelings of lack or abundance at any given moment. No questions asked, ever! 


Professional rate 

Please consider paying the full amount if you:

  • Are in a position/ desire to support small businesses through this crisis 

  • Have income that was not interrupted or minimally impacted by COVID19

  • Are able pay for services with your HSA/Benny card, or reimbursed by your medical insurance

  • Are comfortably able to meet your basic needs (i.e. food, clothing, shelter and transportation)

  • Own the home you live in or rent a higher-end property

  • Have investments, inherited money, and/or access to financial savings

  • Have an expendable income (i.e. able to dine out, get hair/nails done, go to movies/spa/etc, buy books, spiritual resources, or new clothing/accessories at regular intervals)

  • Have a relatively high degree of earning power (due to level of education, gender, race privilege, class background, etc.)

  • Own or lease a car


Sliding Scale/ Partial Scholarship Rates

Please consider the Sliding Scale or Partial Scholarship rates if you:

  • Have income was impacted, but you are able to meet your basic needs (i.e. food, clothing, shelter and transportation)

  • Prioritize your investment in your mind, body and spirit wellness

  • Have some debt, but it does not impact your quality of life

  • Have access to health care

  • Have some expendable income (i.e. able to dine out, get hair/nails done, go to movies/spa/etc, buy books, spiritual resources, or new clothing/accessories at regular intervals)

  • Are able to miss work for travel, leisure, or health- without impacting your ability to meet your basic needs

  • Can take a vacation every year or every few years without financial burden

  • Have daily reliable transportation

  • Are able to travel or take off work when needed for an unexpected occasion (such as a family emergency)


Free Services or Full Scholarship (limited availability)​

Please consider fully subsidized services and workshops if you​:

  • Have experienced a complete loss of income due to COVID19 or other circumstances beyond your control

  • Could not participate in the class or service without financial support

  • Frequently stress about meeting your basic needs, and are not always able to

  • Have significant debt that impacts your ability to meet your basic needs or impacts your quality of life

  • Are unable to take off of work without impacting your ability to meet your basic needs

  • Have unreliable transportation (ie. not always able to afford gas or public transit)

  • You qualify for public assistance 

  • Have no or limited expendable income or savings

  • Are an unpaid or underpaid community organizer, social justice worker, or healer

  • Experience discrimination due to immigration status, incarceration history, or race/gender bias

  • Identify BIPOC, and/or descendent of enslaved people or massacred indigenous people 


If you’re a visual person like me, this graphic created by www.wortsandcunning.com may be helpful!