Relax Relate Release 2014 Workshops

This year we have an amazing line-up of workshops!  Check back frequently for updates, additions and the workshop schedule.

Insight meditation helps us build the capacity for ease and freedom in our hearts and minds -- even in the midst of our busy lives. Using simple and loving awareness, we are able to grow in wisdom and compassion and ultimately shift the patterns of stress and contraction that limit our joy. This introduction will provide basic information and tools from this liberating practice.

Pretty Shouldn't Hurt

presented by Lurie Daniel-Favors,

Author of Afro State of Mind



We've all had those moments when we've felt radiantly gorgeous, and other moments when... not so much.  This reflective workshop uses media and popular culture to explore our deepest held beliefs about beauty, and how those beliefs affect our self-esteem on a daily basis.  You'll learn concrete action steps to transform your "unpretty" moments, and how to radiate the beauty that you are with grace and confidence.


Wise Awake:

Intro to Insight Meditation

presented by Sebene Selassie,

Executive Director of New York Insight

Meditation Center

and founder of Wise Awake, Inc.



I'm another title


Ever made money while you were sleeping? The real secret to wealth is "working pleasurably for your money, letting other people work pleasurably for your money... and letting your money work pleasurably for you!". In this interactive workshop, you'll learn the 7 possible ways to create passive ​​income and walk away with concrete steps to create your sexy passive money plan.

Money Makeover:

The Sexy Money Way to Passive Income

presented by Denise Cooper,

CEO of Sexy Money


Goddess Sense:
Flower Essences for Mind, Body & Spirit

presented by Oceans & Rivers Founder Lindsay Fauntleroy


Flower essences are holistic plant medicines that align our life force with the actualization of our best selves. Known as the soul of nature, these remedies work to elevate our consciousness and break through the beliefs that hold us back. In this workshop, you'll learn archetypal flower remedies to awaken your innate capacity for confidence, beauty, creativity, sexuality, body consciousness, wealth and spiritual wisdom. 

Let’s face it – when you look good, you feel good. This workshop will provide a step-by-step guide to help you create a look that allows your inner fashionista to make her way to the forefront. Learn how to showcase your unique personal style with The Fearless Fashionista's "D.I.V.A. Style Principles". 

Be Fearless. Be Fashionable.  Have Fun!

Sensual Wellness through Bellydance

presented by Oshun, Bellydancer and founder of Joyful Dance



Bellydance is one of the most ancient forms of sacred dance, allowing energy to flow to the reproductive organs.  In this movement workshop, you'll gain a new appreciation for your feminine body and connect to your sensuality. You'll also explore basic movements and meditations to increase your body esteem, relaxation, coordination, and flexibility. De-stress your feminine mind and shimmy your way to a sexier, healthier you!

Like the womb, our minds hold infinite creative power.  This interactive workshop draws on the wisdom of the cypher to support us in getting centered, accessing new levels of creativity, and releasing stress. Through improvisation and the art of freestyle, you'll learn to amplify your unique voice, discover hidden truths and desires, and tap into your inner source of inspiration.

Burlesque your Chakras
Cultivating Creative Power

presented by Chicava HoneyChild

Burlesque Dancer Extraordinaire


Lift Your Voice:
Expression & Creativity through the Sacred Cypher

presented by hip hop phenomenon

Toni Blackman


Your sexual energy is actually a creative power! In this movement workshop, you'll learn how to tap into your life force energy and move it through your chakras.  You'll gain insight into how to move beyond using your sexuality simply for pleasure, as well as  how to energize your life with creativity and activate your 'feminine sovereignty'.

Dress to Impress
Making Your Personal Style Statement

presented by Lauren Simmonds

The Fearless Fashionista