Rediscovering your Authentic Self is a course designed to give you a framework upon which to build your best and most fulfilling life. Each lesson is centered around reflection and journaling, with guided prompts to help you see your innermost self.  This course is ideal for  women who want to deepen their inner awareness and journaling practice, and anyone who has committed to bringing a higher level of authenticity, happiness and personal care into their daily living.

​Course Objectives​

In this course you'll:

​* Explore Goddess archetypes and identify which are dominant in your life

* Learn how the Jungian concepts of Persona, Ego, Anima/Animus, and

  Shadow apply to you.

* Assert your boundaries and say "yes" to the life you want

* Identify the parts of yourself that may have been lost under the

   responsibilities of having a family or career
* Create space in your life for a personal routine that nourishes your body,

   mind, and soul

​Course Overview

Unit 1:  Goddess Archetypes

Unit 2:  Your True Self- Behind the Mask

Unit 3:  Taking Care of Your Self

Unit 4:   Saying "Yes" to Life

​Instructor: Ana Maria Serrano

Course Code: ABUN101

Additional Materials Required?  Yes- a personal journal

Tuition:  $50


Rediscovering Your Authentic Self