Filtered water, organic grape alcohol, glycerine, and an infusion of flower essences including: Fireweed, Hibiscus, Alpine Lily, Star of Bethlehem, River Beauty and Sierra Primrose



  • As a part of any healing regimen that seeks to redirect lifeforce (Qi) and awareness (Shen) into the female reproductive energy centers
  • For use after any shock to the female reproductive system- including miscarriage, abortion, physical assault, or medical intervention
  • To reestabilsh communication between the crown, heart, and sacral  chakras
  • To reestablish a sense of wholeness and integrity in the womb while trying to conceive
  • To bring awareness to and release emotions stored in the pelvic region
  • After periods of stress or trauma, to reconnect to the parts of the feminine body that feel numb and uninhabited
  • To clear heat that has acculumulated in the sexual centers due to medical procedures, anxiety, or stress


Vessel is also available to order with a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg, which includes instructions for use.  



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  • A flower essence recipe to honor and restore the sacred power of the womb

  • An empowered woman claims her physical body as her own, and regards herself as a temple, a vessel of divine light... 

    - Shikoba


    "Me, too."  

    -Too Many of Us