This marvelous herb has a wide panorama of therapeutic possibilities. In addition to obvious depression and feelings of immobilization, it is very beneficial for "Seasonal Affective Disorder" from which many people suffer during winter, when outer light is reduced.  St. John's Shield should also be considered for insomnia, and other related disturbances in the sleep rhythm of the body, such as bedwetting in young children, or bodily upset from travel.


Please note: St. John's Wort has been proven to have many powerful photosensitive properties, and caution should be exercised in applying the oil to the skin before prolonged exposure to the sun, especially for fair-skinned individuals. However, St. John's Shield can be very helpful for treating sunburned skin. 

Flower essences: Love-Lies-Bleeding, Borage, St. John’s Wort 
Essential oils: St. John’s Wort, Angelica and Rose Geranium

St. John's Shield 2oz

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