Queendom Flower Essence Ingredients:

Filtered water, organic alcohol, and a composite blend of flower essences including:  Columbine, Cerato, Alpine Lily, Shasta Lily and Larch 



  •  For women stepping into positions of leadership and influence; to honor Feminine power in an patriarchal environment
  • To cultivate the capacity to listen to intuition and trust one's gut, when doubted or minimalized by others
  • For times requiring the confidence to make decisions and to stand behind them. 
  • For heart-centered awareness and perception when leading others.
  • For authentic expression in speaking and writing 


Queendom is also available to order with an Amethyst Yoni Egg, which includes instructions for use.  


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  • A flower essence recipe to support the rise of the Sacred Feminine in a patriarchal world

  • "I do much better as a goddess, she said, since my secretarial skills have always been limited." -StoryPeople


    "Well-behaved women seldom make history..." Laurel Thatcher Ulrich