On cold winter days we long for those lush summer days when our bodies felt  spacious and free in the surrounding warmth.  Fortunately, Mugwort Moon Magic™ instills that same sense of expansive warmth in body and soul.  On cold winter nights, a bath with Mugwort Moon Magic™ provides  cozy comfort before sleep,  allowing the soul to expand into the starry night’s dreamscape.

The Flower Fusion:
Hand-harvested flowering tops from the Mugwort plant are solar infused into organic almond oil. Lavender, Red Mandarin Orange, Ylang Ylang, Neroli and Mugwort essential oils nurture and calm the nervous system.  The flower essences of Mugwort and Hibiscus facilitate expansive warmth and ease for both body and soul.


  • Warming for all cold areas of the body – especially extremities such as hands, feet
  • Beneficial for all “blue” areas of the body that are lacking in circulation, for example, varicose veins
  • A general tonic for areas of the body that tend toward hardness or stiffness – such as rheumatism
  • Can be applied topically similar to the Mugwort (moxa) treatments of oriental acupuncture, to increase energetic flow within meridian pathways
  • Increases psychic sensitivity for dreams and similar receptive states of soul consciousness
  • Beneficial as a general balm for female reproductive health, especially erratic moon cycles, or premature onset of menopause
  • Recommended by many midwives during labor and delivery, and for facilitating lactation (Note:  Due to Mugwort’s releasing and expansive qualities, this oil is not indicated for use during pregnancy, except for labor and delivery)


Mugwort Moon Magic