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Soul Medicine welcomes ancestral understandings of health, humanity, nature, and the cosmos. These Open- Level Courses and Electives bring together intuitive, imaginative, and experiential learning with formal research and study.   Come deepen your experience with flower essences and soul medicine!

Open-Level Courses and Electives are designed for:

  • Those who want to cultivate self-awareness, engage in meditative presence, and bring consciousness to their personal evolution

  • Acupuncturists, massage therapists, and bodyworkers who would like to address the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks underlying physical complaints

  • Healers and energy workers who want to incorporate plant medicine and indigenous healing systems into their work

  • Mental health providers seeking an integrative mind-body approach to shifting patients' limiting beliefs and stuck emotions

  • Parents and caretakers seeking alternative and natural remedies to support their family through change and transition

Courses are offered throughout the year and facilitated by certified and licensed practitioners. 

Due to COVID-19, courses are currently offered online, and we will resume in-personal classes as soon as it is safe to do so.   Please fill out our interest form and we'll make sure you know when registration is open!

2021 Course Offerings

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Foundations of Plant Medicine

This workshop honor's nature's sacred gift of transformational medicine for emotional, mental and spiritual health.   We will explore the basic science of the subtle body, and the relationship between plant medicinals such as food, essential oils, flower essences, herbs and homeopathic remedies.   Students develop a unique relationship with the plant medicinal of their choice, and integrate the Flower Essence Society's Twelve  Windows of Plant Perception through observation, research, art, and active imagination.  This class is rooted in ecopsychology, and invites us to explore how to maintain a spiritual connection to nature in a modern, technological society.

Embodied Light:  Understanding & Transforming Stress

This workshop explores the mind and body's physiological, psychological and energetic responses to stress. Participants are supported in exploring their core stress responses and how to transform them for optimal health. This course explores special considerations for working with trauma, as well as evidence-based practices such as Mindfulness, Focusing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to navigate stress, anxiety and depression. We will cover Five Element-based expressions of stress and key flower essences to support them.

The Descent: 9 Stages of Soul Healing

Energetic medicine is a subtle, yet profound way to support the soul on its journey, which is filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. The journey feels spiral in nature as we suddenly and unexpectedly find ourselves revisiting childhood wounds that we thought we had healed, and rediscovering gifts we thought we had lost.    This course explores the Sumerian Myth, The Descent of Inanna.   As do all archetypal myths, the story is layered with symbols and meaning that have broad applications across times and culture.  We'll explore how the 9 Stages of Soul Healing- from Containment to Emergence- are reflected in the healing process.  We'll compare Inanna's transformation to modern myths,  and the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of Change.  This course also covers and learn how to set short- term, mid-range and long-term goals as mile markers as we monitor soul transformation in our selves and/or clients.

Formula Making and Sacred Geometry

Flower essence formulas are carefully constructed to facilitate archetypal shifts.  In this course, you will apply the principles of sacred geometry to make flower essence blends that function as a synergistic whole.    You will gain insight into the roles that flowers play within a formula:  Mamas, Allies, Elders, and the Heart, and explore how to build formulas that honor relationship between each flower in the formula as it holds its position in the sacred geometric form.   Through formula analysis and case studies, you will work collaboratively with colleagues to create dynamic and effective flower essence formulas.   

A World Beyond:  Soul Healing through the FES Metaflora System

This course offers a comprehensive coaching curriculum, and expands on the magical aspect of flower essences that amplify messages of the soul.  Influenced largely by archetypal depth psychology and the work of Carl Jung, you will learn tools and strategies to more deeply engage your friends, family and clients in the process of soul alchemy. The goal of this course is to move beyond symptomatic use of of flower essences and into a multi-layered therapeutic approach to ongoing inner alchemy.  You will learn how to recognize key archetypal complexes, therapeutic values and strategies, and the flower essences that support alchemical transformation on a spiritual level.  This course covers the curriculum of the Flower Essence Society Practitioner Course offered in Nevada City, CA.

Practice Management and Boundaries

Practice Management and Boundaries helps build a strong foundation for working with clients.  You’ll explore practical considerations for working in the field of holistic wellness, including how to establish practice boundaries, building a referral network, ethical considerations, treatment planning, documentation and follow-through. 

Alchemy of the Elements

Whether you are seeking tools for personal growth or a seasoned practitioner, this five month apprenticeship will deepen your relationship with sacred medicine for the soul.   In addition to recorded lectures, practitioners are engaged through a private student discussion forum, practitioner meetings via Zoom, reflection assignments as you develop an intimate relationship with plant medicine and alchemy, and a carefully curated selection of readings to deepen your understanding of magic and medicine.