If you are looking for personal growth or professional development, we invite you to visit our new school, the Spirit SEED! 


The Spirit SEED (School for Essences, Ecotherapy and the Divine) welcomes ancestral understandings of health, humanity, nature, and the cosmos. Our courses and workshops bring together intuitive, imaginative, and experiential learning with formal research and study. 

Our student community welcomes: 

  • Those who want to cultivate self-awareness, engage in meditative presence, and bring consciousness to their personal evolution

  • Mental health providers seeking an integrative, Indigenous and Diasporic mind-body approach to shifting patients' limiting beliefs and stuck emotions

  • Acupuncturists, massage therapists, and bodyworkers who would like to address the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks underlying physical complaints

  • Healers and energy workers who want to incorporate plant medicine and Indigenous healing systems into their work

  • Parents, caretakers, and spiritual leaders seeking alternative and natural remedies to support their families and communities through change and transition

Courses are offered throughout the year and facilitated by certified and licensed practitioners. 

Due to COVID-19, courses are currently offered online, and we will resume in-personal classes as soon as it is safe to do so.   

Visit our sister site, www.theSpiritSeed.org, for information about current and upcoming courses.