At Goddess Yiniversity, women of diverse economic, cultural, and spiritual backgrounds can learn tools to navigate- and celebrate- being Modern Goddesses. We offer both live and online courses for women, by women, on topics such as finances, love and sex, holistic wellness, relationships, being a mother, spirituality, and more. Understanding the busy lives that 21st century women lead, many of our courses are self- paced, so that we can be on our journey of wellness and discovery whenever and wherever it fits our schedule.


 Welcome to our 'Yiniverse'- a world of women connected to our purpose, our passion, and our power!

Holistic Wellness

Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit


The Holistic Wellness department offers online courses on women's holistic health and natural living. Meditation, breathwork, natural remedies and more are offered to help you awaken your inner healing power, as well as help you achieve mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.


Understanding Energy Medicine (online)

Medicine & Magic: Flower Essence Training for Holistic Practitioners



Arts & Womanities

The Art of Being Your Sacred, Sassy Self


The Arts & Womanities department offers a variety of fun, creative and uplifting courses for Modern Goddesses. It includes self- study courses on the internal and external arts- and will include courses on topics such as parenting, sensuality, relationships, creative expression, and any aspect of being a 21st century woman!


The Kamaria Circle Leaderhip and Manifestation Program

In My Element- Leadership for Entrepreneurs & Executives

Abundance & Manifestation

Financial Wealth & Career Success


Courses in the Abundance & Manifestation department help you create financial wealth while living with purpose and passion! Courses offer practical tools for budgeting, reducing debt, career success, manifesting abundance, and alignment with spiritual principles like the Law of Attraction.


Financially Focused & Fabulous

Debt Triage: Managing Your Financial Emergency