New Moon in Scorpio: Sunday, October 27th

Full Moon in Taurus: Tuesday, November 12th

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio  

Element:  Metal

New Moonifestations is your monthly power portal for inner soul transformation.   


Want to be your best badass self and not sure where to start? Do you like getting soul-inspired treats in the mail?  Then let us help you with some magic and medicine!


Every month, we’ll teach you about the magic in store based on astrology and the Five Elements. 


At the New Moon:  The journey begins with reflection questions to help you delve deep into what’s showing up in your personal  life. You’ll also get a box of flower essences and surprise magical goodies delivered to your door.  


At the Full Moon: we’ll teach you how to  work your magic through a guided meditation, and a step-by-step video.  You’ll learn all about earth medicine like flower essences, essential oils, gemstones, acupressure portal points, and more DIY goodness to heal your heart, boost your soul, level up your life.

Are you ready to let go of unhealthy thoughts, habits, and relationships?  Ready to call on the power of Kali, Pele, and Danaerys to help

you cut the crap?

Say Yes! 

Check out our subscription options for your monthly magic and medicine! (Order by October 25th to get your gifts in time for the New Moon!  Continental U.S. only)

Peek Inside!

Curious about the magic and medicine in our New Moonifestations kits?

Check out our goodies from our last few cycles! 

Big Dreams, Small Steps

New Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Pisces

Element: Earth

Aligned Intentions Flower Essence, Carnelian crystal, Big Dream journal, "magic wand" pen,  & green tea incense

Intimacy with Life

New Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Aquarius

Element: Fire

Intimate Flower Essence, Empress perfume,

Jasmine- Rose tea, jasmine scented candle and decorative base, Spice Girl bath salts.   

What tha wha??

Still confused?  Check out this video to learn more about flower essences and our New Moonifestations program!