A New Moon Flower Essence Workshop


Thursday, February 4th


Maha Rose Center for Healing

97 Green St, Greenpoint



The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine are encoded with sacred wisdom for opening our hearts fully to intimacy and love of self, family, life, humanity and one another. In this workshop, you'll explore your dominant love style, as well as key flower essences to address your strengths and weaknesses in love. We'll end with an opportunity to receive a personal flower essence blend to clear your blocks to love, trust and  sexual and emotional intimacy.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. -Rumi




About Moonifestations

The new moon is time for new beginnings, and a magical moment to plant the seeds for all that you want to manifest. During this monthly workshop series, we'll explore the energies of the lunar cycle with astrology, meditation, the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, the I-Ching, current events, our personal experiences, and more. We'll begin with a gentle yoga and breathing and practice to switch into magic mode. Since the New Moon is also powerful time to begin a new cycle of subtle plant medicine, we’ll end the evening mixing up flower essences. These homeopathetically prepared nature remedies facilitate lasting shifts, and carry the vibrational essence of your intention through the next month.


$25 Pre-register

$30 day of


Custom flower essences will be available for $20