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I integrate medicine and mysticism to help you awaken to your passion, access your healing wisdom, and align with your purpose. My goals is to help us to see the esoteric in our everyday experiences, so that we may honor the sacredness of our lives.

Lindsay Fauntleroy, L.Ac - Clinical Director

About Lindsay​

Lindsay Fauntleroy is an acupuncturist, integrative counselor, educator, and thought- leader in the field of mind-body medicine. Her interdisciplinary approach draws  on the wisdom of psychology, the science of the subtle body, the intersection of spiritual and religious teachings, and indigenous approaches to self-cultivation and mastery.   Lindsay guides patients on their journey to physical and emotional wellness, meaningful transformation, and personal evolution as they manifest their goals.


Lindsay was drawn to mind-body medicine after her own journey to fertility introduced her to the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit.  Lindsay has been immersed the healing arts- including meditation, yoga, astrology, divination, and Qi Gong- for over 20 years. Her extensive training includes a Master of Arts from New York University,  a Master of Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture, and clinical training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Kiiko Matsumoto style Japanese acupuncture, and myofascial Trigger Point release. She is also a certified flower essence practitioner and yoga instructor, weaving mind body and spirit together to facilitate lasting change in her patients’ lives.  


Lindsay firmly believes that the power to heal should rest in the hands and hearts of all communities.    She provides emerging healers with practitioner certification in the art and science of flower essence therapy.  She is the first and only practitioner authorized by the Flower Essence Society to offer their practitioner certification training in the United States.  Lindsay’s line of alchemical Five Element flower essence remedies, the Elementals, are available nationally and internationally.


Lindsay also enthusiastically shares her wealth of experience and knowledge through private sessions, workshops and speaking engagements. She has been published  in the International Journal of Flower Essences, NY Yoga+Life Magazine, and she has enjoyed guest appearances, NYC’s WBAI Radio, and The Doyennes Den.




  • Master of Science; Tri-State College of Acupuncture. Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Kiiko Matsumoto style Japanese acupuncture, and myofascial Trigger Point release.

  • Certification in Alchemical Healing by Lorie Eve Dechar, author of "Five Spirits: Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing"​​

  • Certification in Flower Essence Therapy by Patricia Kaminiski and Richard Katz, founders of the Flower Essence Society

  • Certificate in Healing Community Trauma by Acupuncturists Without Borders

  • ​Master of Arts- New York University. Psycho-Spirituality and Media Studies.

Lindsay's Story

"When I was in my late 20s, I received the devastating news that I was unable to conceive children due to Premature Ovarian Failure.  Doctors told me- and I consulted several-that I had a less than 1% chance of conceiving on my own, and that my only chance for motherhood was fertilization by a donor egg.  At the time, that was an unaffordable and personally unacceptable option for me.


Surrounded by a community of holistic healers, I began my personal journey into mental, physical and emotional healing.  I learned to see the interconnection between my mind and body, and experienced the direct role my emotional state had on my physical health.  I uncovered buried aspects of my past and transformed them into a new future.  I can celebrate that through working with flower essences, acupuncture, spiritual meditation, herbs, and other alternative modalities, I was able to naturally conceive and painlessly give birth to a beautiful, healthy, and vibrant daughter.

Statistically, I know I was lucky.  According to the American Journal of Public Health, “chronic illness disproportionately affects minority women”.   A host of illnesses that are rampant among women of color (including asthma, cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, fibroids, and depression) can often be effectively managed through holistic health.  In addition, these illnesses can almost always be linked to emotional distress or trauma. Yet, even though the use of alternative medicine is growing exponentially in the United States, studies show that woman of color are the least likely to access alternative care. 

These statistics, along with my own personal experiences, have inspired me to create programs that empower women from all backgrounds to transform their lives and awaken their magic.  I hope you will join me on the journey!

Lindsay Fauntleroy, L.Ac- O&R clinical director
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