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 Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching supports women as they break through the internal and external blocks to realizing their fullest potential in their lives and careers.  It is designed to teach women a specific set of strategic and tactical skills to step fully into positions of executive leadership and entrepreneurship.


Coaching sessions are customized to meet your specific needs and goals. After an initial assessment, we'll design a personal coaching plan that may include training in:



* Clarifying Your Vision

* Asserting Your Boundaries

* Honoring Your Desires

* Knowing Your Worth

* Conquering Your Fears

* Stepping into Your Power



* Developing Your Personal Brand

* Speaking with Authority

* Manifesting Abundance

* Managing Difficult Personalities

* Mastering Successful Negotiations

* Developing a Support Network

* Navigating Racism and Sexism

Individual coaching helps women establish and reach the next level in their careers. Corporate programs help women gain clarity on how their talents can contribute to the organizational success, encourage them to enter the leadership and management pipeline, and provide them with the tools necessary to take ownership of their career advancement.  

As a young woman at the onset of my career, I sought executive coaching to build managerial expertise to best support my new and growing team. Throughout my time with Oceans and Rivers I've learned more about how I define leadership. This process has helped me build upon my strengths, nurture my weaknesses and identify my worth. There is not enough acknowledgment that our professional lives are deeply intertwined with our personal and what I've appreciated most is the heart centered approach that provides pragmatic and grounding guidance.

Shannon Moran

Director of 21st Century Learning and Community Schools

Urban Arts Partnership

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