We are Like the Moon.....

May we light the way through darkness

May we honor our phases

May we master our tides

May we embody the power of

the Sacred Feminine

Kam a REE Ah:  a kiswahili name meaning "Like the Moon"


The Kamaria Circle is a leadership and manifestation program for women of color who are leaders in their career, family, relationships, home or community.  It is especially suited for women who are in the public eye or who exude a strong influence either their social or professional circles. 


Leading from the Sacred Feminine requires a different set of tools than regular leadership. It requires that we develop our intuition and ability to listen to the messages of our body. It requires both emotional sensitivity and emotional stability. It requires the confidence to make decisions and to stand behind them.  It requires us to take risks, face our fears head-on, and trust our inner knowing as we face the unknown.  It requires heart-centered awareness and perception.  It requires that we honor our most authentic selves. Most importantly, it requires us to embrace the aspects of the feminine that are suppressed, shunned, and stigmatized. In doing so, we become more alive, integrated, whole, and FREE.   

In Level 1, you will learn concrete tools to awaken your creative genius, manifest your intentions, tap into your inner resources, and actualize your purpose. You'll learn how to understand the subtle messages of your body and dreams,  align yourself with abundance,  and lead from the Sacred Feminine.

Throughout the six months, you'll gain deeper self-awareness as you work with flower essences and learn practical tools to take your life to the next level.   The Kamaria Circle meets two Sundays per month. In between live workshops, you'll enjoy online reading and reflection assignments, creative exercises, meditations, astrology, and daily rituals to support you as you WOMANIFEST your vision. 

We are a community of women who support one another as we live on purpose and stand in our power.  We are committed to making ripples in the current world tide.  Join us!

Kamaria Circle Level 2:  Activating through the Divine Masculine

Level 2 of the Kamaria Circle deepens the practices learned in level 1, and harnesses the power of the Sacred Feminine to integrate the Divine Masculine.   In Level 2, we'll explore how to:

* Challenge the Wounded Masculine in the form of mysogyny, racism, materialism and patriarchy

* Integrate the Divine Masculine as we establish our voices as THE authority in our chosen fields

* Heal our Earthly Masculine through our fathers, brothers, lovers, partners, sons, and colleagues

* Defend the Masculine as we take a stand as allies and advocates for Black men in the current socio-political context

Level Two is open to all Kamaria Circle Alumni who have completed at  Level One.  Stay tuned for registration details!


I have joined the Kamaria Circle 4 times and each time I get something better out of it. Lindsay is an expert in her craft and I've found nothing like this practice to help African descendant women grow and manifest spiritually and physically.

The Kamaria Circle helps me to apply spiritual principles in a way that is true to who I am while allowing me the freedom of exploring my spiritual path on a consistent, disciplined basis. Learning this information in a room that is safe for women of color is so rare, and growing through this process with a sisterhood is that much more empowering.

By learning how to ground myself in feminine goddess leadership (i.e. the sacred feminine) I'm not only reaping incredible personal benefits, but my business ventures and my clients get the benefits of my expertise being rooted in spiritual truth. This dramatically increased my bottom line, helps me to attract the types of clients/projects I actually want to work with and I'm enjoying my quality of life like never before.  


I've learned that my power as a descendant of African indigenous people is so much more practical than I realized. The physical manifestation of my purpose is tied to/grounded in my spiritual connection. Being able to be present as a spirit being while working out my daily life/business/relationship affairs has had an awesomely powerful impact in my life.

Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq.

Racial Justice Attorney
Breaking the Cycle Consulting Services


The Kamaria Circle is the ideal program for women who are looking for strategies and support with other women who are having similar experiences, challenges and aspirations. The curriculum provides resources and information that will benefit and strengthen both your career and personal life...at the same time.

This program has helped me to become proactive with planning my life and have a built in system of accountability during the 6 month schedule.  Becoming aware of my shadows helped me to become more intentional with managing my weaknesses that were previously 100% subconscious.  The act of being intentional about what I wanted through symbolic images was very meaningful, and it was very powerful to see the manifestations of it over time. I reached my goals both cycles! After my first experience I decided to go into the 2nd year with a different goal and experience the program through a different lens. If you were to ask me if I would attend another an Oceans & Rivers training again, my answer would definitely be YES!

Katrena Perou

Chief Program Officer