Associate Acupuncturist

We are currently seeking a talented acupuncturist to join our Columbus Circle office. We our housed within a beautiful, essential oil-infused suite, and share our space with a holistic nutritionist, massage therapist, and an aesthetician. 

The associate acupuncturist will practice independently seeing O&R patients for approximately 7-10 hours per week, while renting additional time for their private practice and patients. Those with certification in complementary modalities (Reiki, bodywork,etc.) are encouraged to apply. 



Qualified candidates must be licensed acupuncturists with specific training in Trigger Point Therapy and a passion for treating chronic and acute pain conditions.  S/he must also have additional training in sacred plant medicine (herbs, essential oils, or flower essences) and able to hold space for spiritual and emotional transformation.  This position requires the ability to live in two worlds- s/he will be asked to access the subtle worlds of the astral and etheric while treating patients but must be grounded in the physical plane with a strong attention to detail.  Qualified candidates will also be detail-oriented, self-motivated and reliable, and have a propensity for magic.

To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to with Associate Acupuncturist in the Subject Line.

Elementals Yoga Instructor


We are currently seeking instructors for our Elementals program.  Elementals is an emotional wellness and leadership program for youth ages 11-17, inspired by the healing philosophies of indigenous cultures from around the world.   The program uses nature as a thematic guide to support participants as they awaken their personal leadership style.  It arms students with tools for emotional literacy, stress reduction, and body awareness so that they may access their inner compass for success.


Eligible instructors will be certified and have demonstrated experience and success with youth engagement.  The yoga program meets on Tuesday mornings from 10:18- 11:15 in an international high school in Flushing, Queens (about 20mi prep time is required before each class to set up). The class is coed, evenly split between 9/10th grade boys and girls who are English Language Learners (Spanish speaking.) 

Current Contract:  January 10th- June 15th

To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to with Elementals Yoga in the Subject Line.


The following positions are open for immediate hire!  We are looking for dynamic, innovative, and creative thinkers to join our team.  Special consideration is given to women entrepreneurs! Come join us...