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We are Like the Moon.....

May we light the way through darkness

May we honor our phases

May we master our tides

May we embody the power of

the Sacred Feminine


You're Invited!


Kam a REE Ah:  a kiswahili name meaning "Like the Moon"


If you've received an invitation to join the Kamaria Circle, it means you've got a woman in your corner who sees your power and wants to see you shine. And if you're ready to be supported in reaching your goals and making things HAPPEN this year, then the Kamaria Circle is for you.


The Kamaria Circle is a private personal development program for women who are leaders in their career, family, relationships, home or community.  It is especially suited for women who are in the public eye or who exude a strong influence either their social or professional circles. And if you're reading this page, someone sees that in YOU!


In this 6-month course, you will learn concrete tools to awaken your creative genius, manifest your intentions, tap into your inner resources, and actualize your purpose. You'll learn how to understand the subtle messages of your body and dreams,  align yourself with abundance,  and lead from the Sacred Feminine.


Leading from the Sacred Feminine requires a different set of tools than regular leadership. It requires that we develop our intuition and ability to listen to the messages of our body. It requires both emotional sensitivity and emotional stability. It requires the confidence to make decisions and to stand behind them.  It requires us to take risks, face our fears head-on, and trust our inner knowing as we face the unknown.  It requires heart-centered awareness and perception.  It requires that we honor our most authentic selves.

You'll gain deeper self-awareness by working with:
* Flower Essences
* Astrology
* Essential Oils
* The Sacred Erotic and Yoni Eggs
* Meditation/ Breathing Exercises
* Archetypal Depth Psychology
* Nature Rhythms and Cycles
+ so much more

You'll be supported as you apply these tools to your manifestation project- a personal or professional goal that you will manifest by March 2017 to take your life to the next level.


The Kamaria Circle gathers one Sunday afternoon and one Wednesday evening per month. In between live workshops, you'll enjoy online weekly reading assignments, creative exercises, meditations and daily practices, as well as a personalized flower essence remedies to break through your blocks related to each cycle theme.   


The 2016-2017 Kamaria Circle begins November 2nd! Due to the intimate nature of the Kamaria Circle, registration is limited to 12 amazing women who are ready to step fully into their power. Admission is by invitation or application only, and you've been invited!


$850 + $150 registration and materials deposit

Tuition includes:

  • 12 live seminars

  • 5 flower essence blends

  • 6 months of weekly manifestation assignments

  • One 30-min private coaching phone session


Monthly payment option ($145 per month)


Register with a friend, and you each save $100 on your registration deposit!  Call 718-913-0037 to register and for details.

The Kamaria Circle:

A Course in Feminine Leadership

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