Integrative Counseling

Lindsay is currently only accepting new clients for the Flower Essence Teaching Clinic.   For more information, email

Alchemy existed in nearly every indigenous culture and is the philosophical foundation of Chinese Medicine, yoga and Ayurveda, the mystery sciences, and modern chemistry. Integrative counseling brings a modern twist to this ancient art. It transforms the 'lead' of our lives- the difficult, challenged, or stuck places- into 'gold': the illuminated qualities of insight, awareness, love, and joy.


My approach to Integrative Counseling weaves together:


Western Psychology 

 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Neurolinguistic Programming, Archetypal Depth Psychology


Eastern Medicine:

 The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, meditation, subtle body energetics, acupressure (DIY Acupuncture), and yoga


Ancestral Magic: 

 Spirituality, plant medicine, astrology, dreamwork, and indigenous practices for self-cultivation and mastery


Emotional Health

  • Transform suppressed or stuck emotions such as anxiety, worry, fear, sadness, anger, and frustration

  • Cultivate tools for emotional awareness, emotional release and emotional balance

Mind-Body Wellness

  • Address the emotional factors affecting your pain, physical symptoms, weight gain or weight loss

  • Develop new habits that truly support your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being



  • Address limiting beliefs and habits that keep you from reaching your goals and awaken your innate capabilities

  • Improve your focus, concentration, self-awareness, creativity and self-expression


Navigating Change

  • Gracefully navigate stressful life circumstances; moving, job/career change, loss, fertility, parenting, beginning new relationships, or the dissolution of relationships

  • Cultivate a sense of purpose, clarity, and renewed excitement for life’s possibilities


After the untimely passing of the sweetest man I've ever known, my husband, I was in a space where I was desperate and willing to try anything to help me deal with all of the emotional, physical, and mental pain I was experiencing.  Therefore, when someone suggested that I get in contact with Oceans & Rivers, I immediately did so and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! This was the beginning of me self-navigating my journey with healing, finding myself and reconnecting with Spirit.

My experience with Oceans & Rivers has impacted and shifted my spiritual perspectives, which has reconnected me to my inner divinity and femininity.  I've moved from a place of just believing into knowing. I have learned to be in tuned with my presence so I can receive messages, experience synchronicity, and listen to life.

In connection with my grief, my experience with Oceans & Rivers allowed me to accept, embrace and eradicate my pain, which allowed me to receive the gifts from my grief and rise again.

Lindsay's ability to connect and to relate to me is very different from any other experience I've had in the past. I feel as if she genuinely cares and she reminded me that magic is truly our birth right! 

Sheridan Jack-Browne

President, Magnus Mukoro Sports Foundation