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Everything you touch, you change. 

Everything you change, changes you.

 The only lasting truth is change.

-Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal represent five rhythms, stages, and transformations that we all experience as we move through our lives.   They represent the stages of how all things are conceived, birthed, expanded, and ultimately die.  They are a system for understanding how our souls are connected to nature, as well as to everything and everyone around us.   

 The Five Elements teach us how to use our emotions as a guide, directing us to the areas in our lives where calling for transformation. We find the signatures of these forces in nature in our personal lives and in our collective experience.   This course will take you on a journey through each Element - as you get to know their signature, you’ll also get to know the specific way each Element moves our nervous system and the emotions they evoke. As we come into alignment with these currents of change, we feel more alive, capable, vibrant, energized, and connected.   


In other words, We are In Our Element.


We are facing personal and collective transformation as the world shape shifts before our eyes. This course teaches you how to use the Five Elements to flow with change, embrace the unexpected, acknowledge your blessings, and answer your heart's calling!

In Our Element offers support and guidance as you:

  • Recognize and manage emotional stress patterns in yourself, friends and family- including depression, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration

  • Work with natural remedies- safe, easily accessible, over-the-counter plant medicinals that support ease, joy and emotional well-being

  • Develop a mind-body wellness plan for yourself and family for to build physical, emotional, and spiritual immunity

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation with acupressure, essential oils, and yoga protocols that fit easily into your busy schedule

  • Tap into art and nature for deeper self-awareness and soul serenity

  • Gain a deeper sense of community as you come together through difficult times

  • Support your friends and family with tools to navigate change and transition, including special considerations for working with children

The course meets over six months for 14 Virtual Workshops via Zoom, every other Wednesday from 7pm- 9pm beginning September 22nd. In Our Element includes a discount on all flower essence remedies.

Module 1: Earth 

Emotional Stress and the Subtle Body

Creating a Spiritual & Emotional Wellness Plan

Introduction to Plant Medicine

Soul Medicine for Nurturing & Self-care 

Module 2: Metal 

Meditation and Mindfulness to calm anxiety

Coping with Grief, Loss and Sadness

Personal rituals for Letting Go and Moving Forward

Soul Medicine for Spirituality and Reverence

Module 3:  Water 

Facing our Fears, Facing the Unknown

Magic with symbols, art, & music 

Working with the Winter Solstice

Personal Rituals for Introspection and Intuition

Soul Medicine for Stillness, Receptivity, and Renewal

Module 4: Fire 

Open to Love

The Five Elements of Connection

Personal rituals for an Open Heart

Soul Medicine for Healthy Relationships

Module 5: Wood 

Anger = Change

Managing conflict in the self, family and community

Personal Rituals for Authentic Communication and Boundaries

Soul Medicine for Agency & Justice

Class begins September 22, 2021! Tuition includes a discount on all flower essence remedies.


7 Month Program:  $840

Optional Payment Plan:  

Registration Deposit $150 + 6 monthly payments of $140


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