Sample Program Overview

Water: Foundations

What is leadership? Where and how do go with the flow, where and how do I go against the current?

Water: Changing Tides
My Body and Her Wisdom

Wood: The Energy of Change -

Tools for Anger and Healthy Assertiveness 


Fire: Loving to Love

The Five Elements of Healthy Friendships and Relationships


Earth: Grounded In My Circle

Alleviating Stress through Diet, Exercise, and Time Management

Metal: I Shine

Culmination Celebration: Knowing my Value, Knowing my Worth

Orientation Workshops for Parents/Caretakers

The Energetics of Emotion

Why do tweens and teenagers act in ways that defy reason? How can we support these young adults in making better decisions? During adolescence, the limbic system of the brain-responsible for emotions and arousal- is heightened. This workshop introduces the Five Elements as a thematic tool for helping teens explore emotions and build their emotional vocabulary.  This workshop provides a shared foundation for the community supporting the young ladies in the In My Element program.


The Five Elements of Connection

Just as we have different learning styles, we also have different ways of feeling cared for, motivated by, and supported by our family and community. In this workshop, we'll explore five ways of connecting to teens and tweens, and strategies to integrate into the home and classroom to help your adolescents feel valued and respected.  




“Be humble, for you are made of the Earth. 

Be noble,  for you are made of the stars.”

In My Element is an emotional wellness and leadership program for middle and high school girls, inspired by the healing philosophies of indigenous cultures from around the world.   Within this circle of sisterhood, girls gain tools for emotional self-awareness, expression, time management, and body awareness so that they may access their inner compass for success.  The program uses nature as a thematic guide to support our teens and tweens as they awaken their personal leadership style. 

More about In My Element

In My Element was first piloted in New York City schools in 2016, and draws largely on principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  This form of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy uses mindfulness and behavioral activation to increase client’s psychological flexibility- especially the ability to engage in values-based, positive behaviors while experiencing difficult thoughts, emotions or behaviors.  This approach is particularly relevant to adolescents as they navigate their changing bodies and emotions, as well as the stressors that may be present in their homes, schools, or communities. 

In My Element workshops are inquiry-based, and integrate creative writing, discussion, role-playing, and analyzing text from literature, television, movies and popular culture.  In their course workbook, students are given special reading assignments, reflection prompts, and self-directed activities to bridge their social, academic, and creative worlds. The program is designed to foster:

a) Emotional Literacy

Emotional literacy-  the ability to name, understand, and respond to emotions in oneself and others in a healthy manner- is at the core of the In My Element curriculum.  Participants cultivate awareness of core emotions that are poorly managed or inappropriately expressed. In My Element uses metacognitive exercises to support participants as they develop their capacity to reflect on their experience with variations of core emotions, and provides tools to support emotional expression that is in service of their their growth and personal goals.


b) Stress Reduction

Participants in the In My Element program learn tangible strategies to address five primary kinds of stress that affect young women in their age group:  anxiety about the future, anger/frustration, relationship stress, overwhelm, and discouragement/disappointment.   We practice stress reduction tools such as breathing exercises, yoga, journaling, working with affirmations, and meditation to prepare students to effectively integrate these strategies into their lived experience in and outside of school.  Young women also learn how to work with flower essences for emotional wellness and clarity.     


c) Successful Relationships 

In My Element supports participants in making practical, incremental steps towards a healthy relationships.  During puberty and the later teen years, adolescents are learning how to navigate important relationships with peers, family, teachers, and allies within their community.  In My Element provides a safe circle of girl-powered support that models how women can uplift each other through affirming words and love.   The program also provides a space for young girls to process key relationships, build an "Applaud Squad", and explore their assets and liabilities in creating healthy relationships.

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