Flower Spirit: Intro to Flower Essences will teach you the fundamentals of flower essences so that you can enhance your work with clients and patients, as well as augment and amplify your owner personal wellness plan.

Lindsay’s interdisciplinary approach—which draws on the wisdom of psychology, the science of the subtle body, as well as indigenous approaches to self-cultivation—will help you to experience the magic of these powerful, yet subtle essences. They provide a new approach for addressing both physical and emotional challenges, and act as extraordinary tools for increasing self-awareness, and bringing attention to subconscious limiting beliefs, emotional complexes, and distorted perceptions that are blocking success.

This online course includes video lectures, suggested readings and reflections, and experiential exercises to help you learn about all that flower essences have to offer. Lindsay discusses their inherent nature, how they can be used, their history, the consciousness states they help evoke, and their impact on the various planes of the subtle body.

It is a beneficial course of study for everyone engaged in healing and transformational work…whether that work is focused on yourself or on your work with others.

More specifically, you’ll learn…

•       How to integrate flower essences into your personal or professional practice

•       How to monitor the subtle impact of flower essences

•       The history of flower essences as a plant medicine, and how they interact with the 

         four levels of the subtle body and various states of consciousness

•       How they can be be combined and administered


The course is approved for 4 PDA Points with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and 5 CEs with the California Board of Acupuncture (pending).

This course is offered in partnership with A New Possibility's Alchemical Healing Community.