My favorite part of the training was delving more in depth about the flowers; not just what each essence is indicated for and what it can do, but also looking at the flower itself and learning how the flower's orientation, colors, and characteristics point towards its' uses.  I loved learning about geometry found in nature and coming to a much deeper understanding of how humans and plants are so closely interconnected...

I have already seen tremendous benefits for my clients and I have greatly expanded my repertoire of remedies from the original 38 remedies in the Bach line of essences.   The course work assisted me to more clearly verbalize and explain why certain remedies are chosen and to follow through with clients and have confirmation about how the remedy manifested in their lives. I feel better prepared to grow my business as I am better able to both hold space for clients and hold boundaries for myself and feel more grounded in my practice.

Magic & Medicine is a comprehensive training in flower essence therapy that brings together intuitive, imaginative learning with clinical research and study.  It is ideal for those who want to deepen their own experience with this sacred plant medicine, as well as for health professionals who seek to integrate flower essences into their current work.


Magic & Medicine is also opened to certified Bach Essence practitioners who would like to be certified in the use of the North American Flower Essence Society (FES) essences.  

Level One- The Medicine

Level One honors that nature has gifted us sacred medicine for emotional, mental and spiritual health.   In Level One, we will explore the basic science of flower essences, how they effect the subtle body, and how to differentiate flower essences from other plant remedies such as herbs, essential oils and homeopathics. This training also includes and introduction to integrating the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine as a guide for prescribing key flower essences for manifesting personal goals, healing relationships, and creating change in the body and soul.

Level One is open to:

* Acupuncturists, massage therapists, and bodyworkers who would like to address the

   mental, emotional and spiritual blocks underlying physical complaints

* Healers and energy workers seeking to incorporate plant medicine into their


* Mental health providers seeking an integrative mind-body approach 

   to shifting patients' limiting beliefs and stuck emotions

* Parents and caretakers seeking alternative and natural remedies to support

   their family through change and transition

* All those who would like tools to cultivate self-awareness, engage in

   meditative presence, and bring consciousness to their personal evolution


Level One prepares you to safely select flower essence blends for yourself, friends and family. Approved for 14 PDA credits with the NCCOAM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) 


Level Two- The Magic

Virtual Workshops:

Thursdays, 7pm-9pm

October 17th- November 21st 

Level 2 Intensive: Saturday, November 9th

* Students seeking practitioner certification have a required session on Sunday., November 10th, making it a full weekend intensive

Pre-Requisite: Magic & Medicine Level One or Equivalent


For those interested in a deeper level of study, Level Two expands on the magical aspect of flower essences and how they are used to amplify messages of the soul.  You will be introduced to a repertory of over 400 flower essences researched by the Flower Essence Society.   Level Two draws on archetypal depth psychology and the work of Carl Jung, and introduces you to tools and strategies to more deeply engage yourself, friends and family in the process of soul alchemy.   You will learn how to recognize key archetypal patterns through the lens of astrology, the chakras, and nature elements using the Flower Essence Society's MetaFlora Archetypal system. You will also learn to apply the principles of sacred geometry to make customized flower essence blends that function as a synergistic whole to support alchemical transformation.  Approved for 7.5 NCCAOM PDA Credits.

Level 2 Tuition

Level 2 Virtual Course: $300

Level 2 Intensive:  $175 OR Level 2/3 Weekend: $300

Level Three- Practitioner Certification

& Advanced Clinical Supervision

November 2019- August 2020

1-Day Intensive:  Sunday, November 10th

Pre-requisite: Magic & Medicine Level 1 + Level 2


The Level Three Advanced Clinical Mentorship supports you as you move beyond using flower essences for self, friends, and family and establish a foundation for working with clients. In monthly seminars, you will explore practical considerations for working professionally as a flower essence therapist, such as practice boundaries, ethical considerations, treatment planning, documentation, and follow-through.   As an advanced practicum,  this mentorship explores how to work with trauma, as well as tools based on evidence-based practices such as Mindfulness, Focusing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  Level Three also prepares you to contribute to the field of flower essence research.   You will conduct clinical case studies, prepare to publish your work in journals and publications, and learn to work within your scope of practice as an ally to conventional and alternative health providers.  Approved for 16.5 NCCAOM PDA credits.


Magic & Medicine is offered in partnership with the Flower Essence Society, a pioneer in the field of flower essence research. Those who successfully complete of all three levels are eligible to submit their portfolios for certification as a Flower Essence Pracititioner by both Oceans & Rivers and The Flower Essence Society.


  • Editing, review and approval of your portfolio for FES Practitioner CertificationAdvanced Clinical Topic Seminars

  • Clinical Grand Rounds

  • Online practitioner forum to discuss clinical topics & share research

  • Monthly Phone supervision as you refine your business and work with patients 

  • Access to an FE Practitioner Account, which allows you to order custom remedies from the entire selection of 400+ FES flower essences


Note:  Graduates of the FES Professional Course at Terra Flora are invited to join the Advanced Clinical Mentorship to support you as your prepare your certification portfolio for submission to FES. FES Professional Course graduates are not required to take Magic & Medicine levels 1 or 2.   

Please email if you are interested in Clinical Supervision.  We will develop a program based on your specific needs.  


Level 3 Tuition

Level 3  Intensive:  $175

Monthly Tuition:  $250, 7 month minimum

About the Instructor

Lindsay Fauntleroy is a licensed acupuncturist and the first authorized teacher for the FES Practitioner Certification Program in the USA.  She currently offers the only FES authorized training on the East Coast. Lindsay is also an approved NCCAOM PDA provider and holds a Master of Arts from New York University.  Click here for case studies and to read more about Lindsay's pioneering work as featured in the Flower Essence Society International Journal.