The Clinical Training & Mentorship courses are open to experienced practitioners and advanced students. They are designed to support you as strengthen your foundation working with clients and deepen your work with flower essence therapy.  

The 200-hr flower essence practitioner certification program incorporates foundational coursework in plant medicine and eco-therapy, electives based on your personal interests, clinical practice, and case research.  It prepares you to practice as an independent flower essence practitioner.  You will gain coaching strategies, knowledge of plant medicine, and practice building skills to support your clients with customized formulas.  You’ll also learn how to monitor the soul growth of patients over time, and communicate effectively with conventional and complementary wellness providers.  


The practitioner certification program requires 18-24 months of intensive, heart-centered training and clinical practice.  Though the program is customized for each student, a typical program includes:


55 - 60 credits: Required Courses 

75 Credits: Supervised Clinical Casework 

70 Credits: Electives and Practitioner Professional Development 


Portfolio Review is the final stage of the Practitioner Certification Program. It includes a in-depth review and evaluation of all components of the Practitioner Portfolio:

  • 85% attendance and completion of course requirements

  • 3 Reflective Practice Essays

  • Plant Study Paper or Presentation (completed in Foundations of Plant Medicine)

  • Archetypal Essay & Image Compilation 

  • 3 in-depth clinical case study reports 

  • Annotated Bibliography of required and elective texts

This Certification Program is offered in loving partnership with the Flower Essence Society.  Graduates who complete the Practitioner Portfolio are receive certification from FES and are included in their practitioner network, a community of 50,000 global practitioners of flower essence therapy.  


Sample Certification Seminars

Intro to Case Presentations

This workshop prepares students to discuss cases in workshop settings.   It outlines the basics of Case Presentation, including how to present SOAP notes and confidentiality.    This 1.5 hour workshop is recommended for all students taking Open-Level courses.  

Introduction to Clinical Case Studies 

Clinical Case Studies are at the heart of the Flower Essence Society Practitioner Certification Program.  During this seminar, advanced students learn how to set up and write their case study research reports.   They will learn best practices from practitioners who have completed the program, as well as review in detail the specific requirements the Flower Essence Society research portfolio. 

This seminar is required for practitioner certification. 

Clinical Grand Rounds

Clinical Grand Rounds model the integration of core practitioner skills in real time:  formula-making, creating safe space, patient-practitioner dynamics, and reflective listening.   During grand rounds, students observe a senior practitioner as they conduct a patient sessions.  Students then collaboratively prescribe flower essences for that patient in a supported classroom setting. A Case Analysis discussion follows each session, where students incorporate their knowledge of the flower essence repertory, the FES Metaflora levels, the 9 Stages of Soul Healing, and Five Element diagnostic filters.

Clinical Supervision and Mentorship

3 month minimum

Though open to all practitioners, the Mentorship program is designed to provide clinical supervision as students complete case studies, research essays, and the FES certification portfolio. During the mentorship, practitioners see clients for flower essence therapy, write flower essence prescriptions, and complete clinical research case studies.  This mentorship provides scheduling flexibility, as well as one-on-one support through areas of interest and clinical challenges.