When it comes to personal finances, many women find themselves floundering. We are often caught between our desire to enhance our financial wealth and our lack of knowledge of where to begin. Through this course, you'll learn how to assess your financial situation, develop and stick to a budget, take concrete actions to improve your financial health, and employ the principles of abundance so that you can be financially fabulous!

Course Objectives​

In this course you'll learn how to:

* Understand how you arrived in your current financial state
* Solve your personal “money mysteries” so you can determine your true current  

​   financial status
* Gain the knowledge you need in order to create the type of financial reality you

​   desire
* Learn how to become your own “Chief Financial Officer” 
* Incorporate the principles of abundance into your financial life

​Course Overview

Unit 1: Who's Your CFO?
Unit 2: Spending Priorities

Unit 3: Abundance in the Face of Adversity

​Instructor: Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq.

Additional Materials Required?  No

Tuition:  $60


*Note:  Debt Triage:  Managing Your Financial Emergency is recommended as a 4th unit for this course for those who are facing financial debt.

Financially Focused & Fabulous