Physical Health
• Women’s Health (incl. menstrual  

    irregularities, fibroids & infertility)
• Pain (such as back/neck pain, sciatica,

   arthritis, swollen or stiff joints, etc.)
• Respiratory disorders, such as asthma

   allergies, and colds
• Digestive complaints such as IBS,

   diarrhea/constipation, cravings &

• Immune disorders and chronic fatigue
• Hormonal imbalances

Oceans & Rivers: Clarity, Vitality, Serenity

Our spirit, bodies, thoughts and emotions are like instruments.  When these instruments play in perfect harmony, we experience vitality in our body, clarity in our mind, and serenity in our soul.  In other words- knowing what and when to do, having the energy to do it, and being perfectly joyous with the outcome.


The 'oceans' correspond to the moon, our emotional tides, and the depths of our psyche.  It is the part of ourselves that relates to the collective unconscious, ancient archetypes, body-centered knowing, and intuition.  We delve into the oceans through meditation, dream analysis, working with images, flower essences and other practices.

The 'rivers' correspond to the energetic channels that flow through our bodies.  These energy pathways are known as the meridians in Chinese Medicine, or the Nadis in the Chakra system. We access the rivers to restore harmonious energetic flow so that we may experience health in all aspects of our lives.


​In spiritual traditions across the world, the goddesses that govern our health, femininity, sexuality, creativity, and joy reside in oceans and rivers. As the still waters that run deep or the crashing waves that define the shore, oceans and rivers are metaphors for the dynamic feminine power within all of us.


Emotional Wellness
• Stress
• Insomnia
• Anxiety and worry
• Depression
• Grief, disappointment
• Fears and phobias
• Anger, resentment and


Personal Transformation
• Social, professional and intimate

• Work, career, and school
• Pregnancy and parenting
• Sexuality
• Confidence and self-esteem
• Navigating change
• Diet, sleep and weight regulation
• Spirituality

Lindsay is a godsend!!! She keeps me grounded and glowing with health each month. I look forward to our monthly sessions. I don't know what I did before I started doing acupuncture and flower essence sessions with Lindsay. She is an ace at her craft. She is my secret stress busting magic wand!



"I had an awesome experience with Oceans & Rivers.  I spent a month taking the mix of floral essences that Lindsay prepared for me. I felt them immediately...  there had been a lot of things that I had been "thinking" to act on for MONTHS that started happening in days upon regularly taking Lindsay's flower essences.

S.F.R, Brooklyn


Lindsay is a talented healing practitioner who radiates warmth and positive energy.  She’s inviting, compassionate, easy to talk to, professional, and very knowledgeable. I appreciate that she takes the time to listen to my issues and works with me to come up with plans that I'm comfortable with..."