Everything you touch, you change. 

Everything you change, changes you.

 The only lasting truth is change.

-Parable of the Sower, Octavia BUtler

Whether you are seeking tools for personal growth or a seasoned practitioner, this five month apprenticeship will deepen your relationship with sacred medicine for the soul.    


In this interactive course, acupuncturist Lindsay Fauntleroy introduces the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine as potent healing portals.  You'll discover:

- how to develop modern wellness rituals based on indigenous healing perspectives

- how to work deeply with flower essences to for inner soul work and transformation

- key indications and combinations of FES, Bach, and Alaskan flower essences 

- how to recognize the 5 Elements as vibrant archetypal forces in yourself and others

- meditations, yoga asanas, essential oils, gemstones and other earth medicine to support your flower essence work

- your unique place within community committed to aligning their wellness practice with spiritual and holistic equity


This course is designed be taken in tandem with the In Our Element training for an additional 9 credits towards Practitioner Certification.  In addition to recorded lectures, practitioners are engaged through a private student discussion forum, practitioner meetings via Zoom, reflection assignments as you develop an intimate relationship with plant medicine and alchemy, and a carefully curated selection of readings to deepen your understanding of magic and medicine.