2017-18 Seminar Dates

1120 Washington Ave, 2nd Floor

6:30- 9pm

September 27th

October 18th

November 8th 

December 6th

January 10th

March 7th

April 11th 

May 9th 

June 6th 

Course Tuition: $1800

Suggested Payment Plan:  

$225 deposit + $205 month

Completed portfolios will be submitted to the Flower Essence Society  (FES) for Practitioner Certification.  There is no additional fee to submit to FES.

Clinical Mentorship

The Clinical Mentorship is open to experienced flower essence practitioners and students.  It is designed to support you as strengthen your foundation for working with clients and to deepen your work with the FES flower essences.  As an advanced practicum,  this mentorship explores how to work with with trauma, as well as alchemical tools such as active imagination and dream work. Level Three also prepares you to contribute to the field of flower essence therapy as you conduct clinical case studies,  field research, and prepare to publish your work in journals and publications.


The Clinical Mentorship meets for one seminar monthly for a period of nine months.  It includes clinical supervision as you complete your case studies, research essays, and portfolio.  In addition to the seminar topics, meetings include a clinical ‘grand rounds’ session. During grand rounds, practitioners are able to observe a patient intake, ask questions, and prescribe flower essences for a patient in a supported classroom setting.


*The order of the seminar topics listed below is subject to change.


Session 1      

Orientation and introduction to Case Studies,

Portfolio Requirements, and Clinical Research


Session 2            

Integrating flower essences into your holistic practice

Boundaries and Professionalism: the Alchemical Vessel


Session 3                    

Supported Practice- Intake, treatment planning,

documentation and follow through.


Session 4            

The Descent of Inanna and the unfolding process of soul work

(9 steps of inner transformation)


Session 5             

Shen, Saturn & Kali- A New Look at Trauma and MetaFlora Level 6


Session 6                     

Working with Trauma- Red Flags and Getting Support

Reflective Learning Essays- Questions and Solutions for Practice


Session 7                   

Reading the Soul of Nature and Botanical Plant Families  

(Skype with Richard Katz, Co-Founder of FES)   


Session 8                 

Active Imagination- In the treatment room and in nature


Session 9               

Blossoming- Building a Practice, Building a Community, and Sharing

flower essences with new audiences


  • 9 Advanced Clinical Topic Seminars

  • Grand Rounds

  • Reading and editing of research materials and writing

  • Text, phone and email support as you refine your business and work with patients  

  • Access to an FE Practitioner Account, which allows you to order custom remedies from the entire selection of 400+ FES flower essences

The next Advanced Clinical Mentorship begins September 27, 2017.  Magic & Medicine Levels 1 & 2 are pre-requisites. Please call 718-913-0037 to register.